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Non-Profit Organization for Action-oriented Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience



Our vision is to build a family and communities where many people can live safely and securely by acquiring knowledge on disasters and ability for improving DR3 in daily life, aiming for reducing human, physical, and economic loss caused by disasters.


  1. To promote DR3 culture in families and society.

  2. To provide society with appropriate information on DR3 guaranteed by experts.

  3. o provide opportunities to citizens to encourage them to take action for DR3.

  4. To foster human resources with DR3 culture and high DR3 literacy.

  5. To serve as a forum for interaction between citizens and experts.


NOA-DR3 works together with the citizens, led by the board of directors composed of "five university professors" and "three business leaders working on DR3 and industry-academia collaboration.”



1965年 神奈川県横浜生まれ

1989年 横浜国立大学工学部建設学科卒業

1995年 横浜国立大学大学院工学研究科(博士課程後期)単位取得後退学

1995年 株式会社防災都市計画研究所研究員

1996年 東京大学生産技術研究所助手

2000年 筑波大学社会工学系講師

2005年 筑波大学大学院システム情報工学研究科助教授

2013年 東北大学災害科学国際研究所教授(現在に至る)

​Chair of the Board

(Professor, Tohoku University)

Be an organization that plays a role to support self-help and mutual assistance in the communities.

We researchers analyze a certain event based on various sources of data, being required to obtain pragmatic research outcomes. However, there is not always an opportunity to provide these outcomes to society. Under such circumstances, NOA-DRR aims to be a bridge between experts in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (DR3) and local communities. It is not possible to enhance the DR3 capabilities of a region overnight. Nonetheless, by making use of knowledge about DR3 which has been cultivated in Japan for many years, I would like to nurture it with the community parties into an organization that plays a fundamental role in supporting activities being practiced at the household and community levels.


Vice-chair of the Board



1992年 日本女子大学家政学部住居学科卒業

1994年 東京都立大学大学院工学研究科(博士前期課程)修了

1999年 東京都立大学大学院工学研究科(博士後期課程)修了 博士(工学)取得

1999年 日本学術振興会特別研究員

2002年 東洋大学国際共生社会研究センター 研究助手

2002年 福井大学工学部建築建設工学科 講師

2009年 日本女子大学家政学部住居学科 講師(准教授を経て現在に至る)

Namiko MINAI
(Professor, Japan Women’s University)

Create a society where each person lives with peace of mind by thinking positively and taking the best possible actions.

Many people may feel that DR3 activities are something special, like looking at hazard maps and participating in emergency drills. In fact, by getting to know the city through regular walks and pondering at the various activities taking place, associating them together with intuitive knowledge from previous school subjects, a person can prepare for disasters never experienced before. It is important to remember that the culture and customs that remain in each region talk about the wisdom in how to deal with natural disasters. Even so, the exact same disaster will never happen twice and we will not be suffering from the exact same damage. However, it is possible to mitigate the damage caused by a disaster when understanding and thinking about the voices of people who have experienced similar disasters in the environment around you. It is important that each of us thinks and acts willingly to prepare for disasters. Our lives are changing rapidly, but I hope that more people will understand their region, cultivate disaster awareness, and take the best possible action for specific situations by adapting to those changes so that we can live safer and more comfortably from disasters.


Vice-chair of the Board



1970年 大阪府生まれ

1996年 阪神淡路大震災復興工事を自営業でリフォーム会社を創業

1999年 豊橋竜巻復興工事(2ヶ月間)

2000年 東海集中豪雨復興工事(4ヶ月間)

2004年 新潟中越地震;災害ボランティア

2011-12年 東日本大震災;災害ボランティア

2012年 本気で災害から命を守る為のシェルターの開発に着手。

2016年 鬼怒川水害;災害ボランティア

2018年 3社を合併し株式会社シェルタージャパンと改名

2019-20年 西日本豪雨;災害ボランティア

2020年 シェルター開発特許取得34件

Akihiko YANO

(President, Shelter Japan Co., Ltd.)

Encourage as many people as possible to take action.

With our management philosophy of a "continued and united happy family," we are developing corporate activities to support comfortable and united families in daily life and to reassure them with reliable living spaces that protect a safe environment for unity in the event of disasters. Natural disasters do not occur only when we are in a safe place, and their consequences are not always within the assumed limits of expectation. As I continued to think "I want to protect as many people as possible," I came up with the keyword "education." Together with the representative expert teachers in Japan who have been conducting research in each field, with deepening my own learning, I will contribute to the improvement of DR3 capabilities from within society.



スクリーンショット 2021-01-12 17.45.16.png


1991年 東京大学大学院博士課程修了、東京大学生産技術研究所助手

1995年 東京大学生産技術研究所助教授、2004年 同教授 

2007年 - 現在 東京大学生産技術研究所 都市基盤安全工学国際研究センター長

2008年 - 2021年 放送大学客員教授(兼任)

2010年 - 現在 東京大学大学院 情報学環教授

2020年 - 現在 同上 総合防災情報研究センター長

2015年 - 2017 年 日本地震工学会・会長

2016年 - 2018年 内閣府本府参与

2018年 - 現在 第17回世界地震工学会議組織委員長

2018年 - 2020 年 地域安全学会・会長

2020年 - 現在 日本自然災害学会・会長

他、 国際連合大学, 東京工業大学, 東北大学, 香川大学等で、特任・客員教授

kimiro MEGURO

(Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Fighting an all-out war in the midst of becoming poor.

Considering the current financial situation and the declining birthrate and aging population in our country, it can be said that future efforts toward catastrophic disasters will be a "fight an all-out war in the midst of becoming poor." Moreover, since it is critically difficult to recover and reconstruct the affected areas due to future disasters by post-disaster actions, it is essential to take risk mitigation measures that make effective use of the time until a disaster occurrence. In addition, in "self-help / mutual assistance / public assistance," the point is to secure and continue "self-help" and "mutual assistance" to supplement the "public assistance," which will decrease more and more in the future. It is required to shift “from cost to value” and further to "phase-free" paradigm. I hope that NOA-DRR can act as an organization that plays a role in achieving these goals.





1987年 日本女子大学家政学部住居学科卒業

1987年 株式会社竹中工務店

1991年 日本女子大学大学院家政学研究科住居学専攻修了

1991年 財団法人日本建築センター

1993年 日本女子大学家政学部住居学科 助手(常勤)

2000年 日本女子大学大学院人間生活学研究科生活環境学専攻(博士)修了

2000年 武蔵野女子大学短期大学部 住環境デザイン専攻 専任講師

2004年 武蔵野大学人間関係学部環境学科住環境専攻 専任講師

2007年 武蔵野大学人間関係学部環境学科住環境専攻 准教授

2012年 武蔵野大学環境学部環境学科都市環境専攻 教授

2015年 武蔵野大学工学部建築デザイン学科 教授

2019年 武蔵野大学大学院工学研究科建築デザイン専攻 教授

Noriko IMURA
(Professor, Musashino University)

Connected with local communities and citizens, act to reduce damage.

After the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, we faced a stagnation in social DR3 investment. At the citizen-family level, even if one understands the importance of preparedness for future earthquakes as knowledge (DR3 investment), the reality is that it does not lead to actual actions. For this reason, civic education is important for us to take DR3 as our own. We have been strongly aware of the importance of linking simulated experiences with DR3 actions, and have been practicing enlightenment education activities for citizens. Through the activities of this organization, we hope researchers to be connected with local communities and citizens, and engage in activities to reduce damage.





1966年 大阪府柏原生まれ

1985年 大阪経済大学経済学部入学 

1989年 サンケン電気株式会社入社

2008年 グッドハーモニー株式会社設立(現在に至る

Takashi SUMIDA

(President, Good Harmony Co., Ltd.)

Learn together and keep repeating small actions.

One day, I was invited to participate in a storyteller's study session after the 2011 Great Japan Earthquake by my friend Mr. Akihiko Yano (Vice Chair of NOA-DRR). Mr. Yano asked the storyteller a question, "What would you do if you could go back before the earthquake disaster?", the storyteller said after thinking a little while, "I want to encourage as many people as possible around me to learn (know) more about DR3 through disaster emergency drills, etc." I was strongly impressed by the answer, and from that day on, I began to learn about DR3 little by little. There is a lot of information "the scales fall from my eyes" to me in the content taught by NOA-DRR expert teachers. I will continue my learning with my fellow members.





2011 年 株式会社ソフィアプランニング設立 代表取締役 就任

2014 年 一般社団法人 産学連携推進協会 代表理事 就任

2016年    「教授のお墨付き」サービス開始


(President, Sophia Planning Co., Ltd)

Be a reliable organization backed up by expert knowledge.

Ispecializein"industry-academiacollaborationservices"thatmakeanoutcomefrom professor's cutting-edge research further utilized in industry. In DR3, I believe that it is absolutely essential to disseminate information based on the accurate knowledge of experts. In this organization, I would like to contribute to DR3 activities in local communities while balancing the accurate knowledge of many experts with the realization ability and speed of industry (company) members.





1985年 三菱総合研究所 研究員 

1994年 三菱総合研究所 主任研究員 

2001年 富士常葉大学 環境防災学部 助教授

2010年 富士常葉大学 社会環境学部 教授  

2013年 常葉大学 社会環境学部 教授(現在に至る)

Hirotaka IKEDA

(Professor, Tokoha University)

Conscientiously audit business execution and property status.

As an auditor, I audit the business execution and property status of this NPO corporations, check whether the organization is operating properly in accordance with the law and the articles of association. I am aware that I have an important role to play in reporting the audit results to the general assembly and giving opinions to the directors when required. I would like to fulfill this role conscientiously.


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